Our mission is to facilitate a paradigm shift in the entertainment and advertising industries toward sustainable production and event practices as well as inspire conscious consumer behavior by integrating sustainable, healthy, and ethical products and brands in major movies and television shows.



As most of us in production are aware, our industry is incredibly wasteful, sending thousands of tons of waste to landfills every year, much of which can be re-purposed, recycled, donated, or composted. Good Planet Innovation is guiding the shift to sustainable practices, both behind the scenes and on screen. Providing consultation and hands on support from pre-production to post, Good Planet finds sustainable solutions for every department, from art department to catering, from the office to transportation. Enabling positive, eco-friendly operations behind the scenes without compromising the production’s timeline, budget, quality, or safety goals.

Good Planet analyzes every department on each individual project to generate a customized sustainability plan that is both highly effective and attainable within the budget and scope of the project.  In addition to the robust programs during productions, we will manage and coordinate donations of everything from sets to wardrobe to leftover catered food, keeping nearly all of it out of the landfill, often making the production ‘zero-waste' while supporting the local community. Our sustainability initiatives will save the production money in many departments, provide tax receipts for the donations, and create valuable positive PR content for the project and company.


Ethical Brand Integration

As filmmakers, we also have powerful influence on our audiences and can use that power for good through conscious product and behavior integration while maintaining and even enhancing the integrity of the story. Good Planet Innovation provides full spectrum brand integration and consulting services to help you inspire a positive shift in your audiences’ behavior well after they have enjoyed your film.

Brand integration and product placements are becoming increasingly effective ways for brands to reach consumers. We leverage these opportunities exclusively for sustainable and ethical products. 

In addition to our other services, Good Planet Innovation also works closely with our brand clients to help market their products in a variety of ways. We leverage our relationships to identify sponsorship opportunities that increase the brand awareness of our client's products and develop sales pitches to prospective businesses. Additionally, we participate in gifting suites before a variety of movie and music award ceremonies to expose our client's products to A list celebrities. We will soon be announcing an exciting initiative that will give ethical brands global exposure while supporting important causes.